Mushroom Tea
Scientifically, mushrooms are neither animals nor vegetables though they are usually they are referred to as vegetables. These are plants are a product of some type of fungus, which secretes enzymes to externally digest nutrients in the soil. These strange plants have existed forever. They have served as food and medicine over centuries across the world. One of which is the “mushroom Tea”. This tea was initially prepared and consumed by native Russians and Scandinavians who resided near the Ural Mountains. Due to its amazing health benefits, its popularity has escalated, and is one of the leading medicinal teas in the world. Around 25-220AD, mushrooms were used to promote a longer lifespan, to boost energy, the heart, and brain function. This amazing tea today is used as;
• Antioxidant
• Anti-tumor
• Cholesterol regulator
• Blood sugar regulator
• Anti-inflammation
Recently, research is being undergone to test the potency of the Reishi mushroom against cancer. This mushroom regulates the immune system by fighting allergies. Amazingly, this mushroom helps prevent/fight heart diseases and diabetes. There are three main ways that “Chaga” tea can be prepared.
Decoction: this is the most suitable method to use if you want to get all the nutrients and potent health benefits from the mushroom. It is done by boiling dried mushrooms in water. Simmer for 15 minutes to 2 hours.
Mixture: this process is by mixing pre-extracted powdered mushrooms directly into the water. Consuming powdered mushroom that has not been pre-extracted is usually difficult for our systems to digest. This powder can also be added to other teas.
Infusion: Infusion is the simplest way to prepare a mushroom tea. It is done just the same way you would prepare any herbal tea. This process is done by infusing dried mushroom pieces in hot water.