Magic Mushroom Chocolate
Mushrooms have been reported to naturally have an awful taste when eaten. This accounts for the existence of thousands of recipes that have been manufactured to add more fun to their consumption. One of which is mushroom chocolates.
Mushroom chocolates are chocolate recipes or bars that contain mushrooms. If you are looking to satisfy your chocolate cravings, psilocybin chocolates are possibly the ideal option. Each bar of this nutritious chocolate contains a sizable quantity of psilocybin which delivers a psychotropic experience.
Recently, research has begun proving that, psilocybin has the capacity to reduce anxiety and depression naturally. In addition to this, the cocoa component in it, which imitates “bliss molecules” once ingested, if combined with cannabis could offer an even more uplifting experience.
After consuming this yummy snack, the psilocybin contained in it is transformed to psilocin by the body. This is transformed to psilocin by the body. This process alters the consumer’s perception, causing a euphoric and mind-numbing trip. It equally provides emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits as it encourages consumers to have a more positive outlook on life, brings greater peace and other adverse side effects. The effects of chocolate mushrooms begin manifestations within 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion and can last for up to 8 hours.