Magic Mushroom Gummies

Apart from teas and chocolates, another amusing way to enjoy the benefits of shrooms is through gummies. Shroom gummies are gelatinous sugary greats infused with specific doses of psilocybin that could be enjoyed with friends in a social gathering or on a personal trip.
Over the years, psychonauts have concocted various ways in which the taste of mushrooms (dried) can be veiled derived methods include; teas, tinctures, chocolates, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches. Amazingly, gummies appear to be another substitute for consuming mushrooms.
Consuming dried fungus can be a little bit unpleasant. Hence, it is more tasty and savory to consume gummies because of their added sugar and natural flavors which are less likely to cause nausea.
Another attractive reason why gummies are preferable is dosage. Naturally, it is almost impossible to detect the amount of psilocybin consumed from one mushroom. Unlike with gummies every individual shroom gummy is stuffed with specific doses of psilocybin. Usually, they are sold in packs of 100mg per edible for micro-dosing or 1g per gummy for full-on psychedelic exploration.
Sadly, buying mushroom gummies online or getting caught with them in your mailbox can land you in jail because it is illegal to possess this product. However, I bring to you the good news. There are a variety of ways to prepare mushroom gummies in the comfort of your home. The easiest is to grind dried mushrooms and add them into a gelatin dessert mix. This mixture can be turned into a gummy worm, fruit roll-ups, or even lollipops.
Psilocybin contained in these gummies is capable of treating depression. It also comes with effects such as euphoria, distorted thinking, muscle weakness, paranoia, unusual body sensation, and dizziness.